Practical Training

General Warm Up & Cooling Down

Warm ups are conducted under coach supervision with the intention of improving general fitness, flexibility, cardio vascular improvements and to give the athlete an understanding of the importance of warming up.

The cooling down process is included to make sure all athletes have a knowledge of injury prevention.

Group Skill Training

Skill training involves the athletes working together under coach supervision to learn the intricate moves involved in fencing.

During these sessions the groups work together to improve fencing skills with each other.

Practical Fencing

This is the time to put into practice what the athlete has learnt during the other training sessions, still applying the learning principal, this is not competition mode but a learning mode where one practices with a partner.

Practical Fencing with coach Supervision

Under coach supervision the practicing partners are given set tasks to perform while fencing. During this exercise the coach corrects and further enhances the skill learning process in a live practice situation.

Friends Working Together

Friends at competition