Group lessons are planned and organised according to the needs of the group, individual lessons are based on the individuality of each person, taking into account their skill, strengths, knowledge, experience, fitness and needs, to achieve their maximum potential.

Planning is crucial to the steady learning process of the athlete, the coaches at PFA use all resources to train the athlete, the following will give a brief explanation.

Integrated Planning

Coaches can meet the changing need of the athlete by combining all the factors that will influence their performance and assembling the individual factors and combining their training into a series of over lapping training cycles, micro, mine and macro all combined into a year plan this is called Periodisation.

Armed with this information the coach can assist the athlete to:

  • recognise their strength and identify their weaknesses.
  • set in place realistic performance goals.
  • Have an action plan to improve performance and weaknesses.
  • Assist with the development of confidence during the training program.
  • achieve a satisfactory outcome of the athlete's enjoyment and satisfaction.