Individuality is a reflection of each persons psychological make up

A fencers psychological make up will determine the approach that fencer will have to competition, this is reflected in the mode of fencing, one fencer will be a natural attacker or defender, while others will have a mix of attack and defence.

An experienced coach will understand this concept and train each individual in the manner best suited to their psychological make up.

Each athlete has individual traits that have the potential to help or hinder the progress of their fencing, there is a saying at PFA that having the ability to be "Humble in winning and gracious in defeat" gives one the inner confidence and personality to cope with any situation and learn from the experience.

If an athlete responds in a negative way to defeat it leads to a situation of loss of control and a poor response to visualising the experience and gaining knowledge that can be used at a later time against the same opponent.

Negative attitude to a loss can be used by opponent's to gain advantage in an active bout in fencing, by the same token a positive response can be seen as confidence on the athletes behalf  giving rise to a confidence booster to the athlete and a clear learning experience.